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Aviator is an online game that has become increasingly popular among players due to its potential to win real money. With high multipliers reaching up to x100 and beyond, even a small bet of $5 can earn you a substantial reward of $500 or more.

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Aviator Game

The game by Spribe is top-rated because it charges bright emotions and causes high interest among users. In 2023 the slot machine was recognized as one of the most popular. The system here is fair and transparent based on Provably Fair technology. A newcomer who has never played in a casino can win money because the rules here are simple. But remember that it is elementary to miss the moment when the plane leaves and with it your money. To prevent this from happening, we have prepared an extensive article where you can learn all about the game Aviator, including the rules of the slot and its features. We will also explain in detail how to play and give recommendations on the best casinos to play. With our guide, you’ll be well-prepared for the game and will surely win!

What’s the point of the Aviator game?

During the game, you will test yourself as a desperate pilot. The altitude to which the plane rises determines your earnings. This height affects the coefficient, which multiplies your bet. The point of the game is to withdraw the winnings while the plane is still flying. If it flies away and you don’t have time to do it, you lose the money you bet.

essence of game Aviator

Therefore, controlling yourself and stopping in time is crucial. Let’s consider the following key points that every player should know:

  1. The starting multiplier is x1. It increases rapidly until the plane disappears.
  2. Your winnings are equal to the bet multiplied by the multiplier during which you decided to cash out.
  3. RTP (Return to Player) of the game 97%. This means that for every 100 rounds, there are only 3 chances for the airplane to fly away immediately after the start of the round.

Aviator Spribe game algorithm

Aviator game algorithm

The algorithm of the game is simple. In each round, you bet any amount of money. The plane takes off. After that, the multiplier by which your bet is multiplied starts to grow. At a random moment, the plane flies away and disappears from the screen. You must press the “Cashout” button and withdraw money while the aircraft is flying. If you do it in time, you save the money you bet and multiply it by the odds at which you stop.

We would also like to point out separately that Aviator is a 100% honest project. The game is built on cryptographic technology “Provably Fair.” This means that the multiplier of each round is not generated on the servers. It is generated with the help of the game operator and the first three players who were the first to bet in the round. Thus, no one can interfere in the gameplay. In addition, everyone can check the honesty by clicking on a special tab in the menu of the game.

How to play Aviator?

First, let’s look at how to bet and how to withdraw winnings:

  1. To make a bet, decide on the amount and click the “Bet” button.
  2. Add a second betting panel if you want to make two independently of each other. Click the plus sign in the board’s upper corner to do this.
  3. If you want to withdraw money, click the “Cashout” button. The amount will be equal to the bet multiplied by the coefficient.
Aviator how to play

Deserve particular attention auto play and automatic cashout.

  1. Withdrawal can also be made in automatic mode. To activate the autoplay, use the Auto menu on the betting panel. Activate the checkbox in the line “Auto Bet.” Bets will be placed automatically, but you must click “Cashout” in each round to withdraw.
  2. Autocashout is in the Auto menu on the betting panel. By enabling this mode you will automatically receive a withdrawal when the odds you requested are reached.

Sites where you can play the game Aviator

The game is available in many casinos on the Internet. But we advise you to play only on proven resources with good reviews to avoid becoming a victim of scammers. Below we list the places where you can play Aviator Casino.

Aviator 1win

Aviator Pin Up

Aviator MostBet

Aviator 1xbet

It is worth noting that our experts have personally tested each casino in this list. You can be sure of their honesty and reliability. In addition, you will be able to replenish your account with bank cards, e-wallets, and even cryptocurrency.

Aviator Registration

Aviator Registration

Registration is not difficult. You need to create an account on the online casino site that offers this game. The list of verified places we have indicated above. To create an account, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to one official casino website.
  2. Choose the registration method that suits you. Specify all the data the system asks for.
  3. Put money into your account and start playing. The process will be completed.

Based on our own experience, registration at the casino is very fast. Immediately after completing the procedure, go to the catalog of slot games, find Aviator, and start playing. Although you won’t even waste time looking for a slot. Since thousands of users play this game, almost every casino has the Aviator inscription in the center, highlighted in red:

Aviator Play Online

Aviator Login

To play the game Aviator online on the site online casino, you must first log in to your account. To do this, you need to follow a couple of simple steps:

  • Click on the Login button, which is located in the upper right corner of the official website;
Aviator Login
  • You will see a login window. You must enter your email and your password. In case you have forgotten your password, you can always restore it.
login online

You can also log in to your account via social networks such as Gmail or Telegram.

Choose the most convenient way for you and enjoy the game..

How to deposit Aviator?

Aviator Deposit

It usually takes up to a minute to top up your account. The sequence of steps includes only three steps:

  1. Click on the “Deposit” button, which you will find in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Choose a suitable way to deposit the account. Specify the amount you like.
  3. Confirm the payment.

Immediately after that, you can move on to the game and earn in it. By the way, you can use a promo code: aviatorgamesorg, which will add extra money to your balance.

In-game chat

in-game chat

On the right side of the game interface (or after clicking the chat icon) is a panel where you can talk to other users. There you can discuss the project, ask for advice and so on. Also, the data on enormous winnings are automatically indicated there.

Play Aviator game in demo mode

Online casino users have noticed that many slot machines can operate without using real bets. In this variant of the game, users should not count on real rewards. But they are given another opportunity – in a safe mode to test the selected slot, get acquainted with it in practice, and thus check the payoff. If you do not know where to start your gaming experience, start with a demo mode. There you can understand all the rules and develop strategies and practices. This will help in the future not to lose real money. From our experience, we’ve found that players who start with a demo game before transitioning to real money mode tend to have fewer losses and make fewer mistakes as beginners.

Aviator demo

Developer Spribe also thought having a demo version of its crash game was appropriate. It will be beneficial for beginner players. They’ll be able to study the mechanics of the gameplay in more detail in practice without jeopardizing their bets.

Advantages of playing Aviator in demo mode

The Aviator demo version allows one to:

  • practice the peculiarities of the game settings before the start;
  • understand in detail the double bet function;
  • watch how the plane moves;
  • examine the growth of odds during the gameplay;
  • practice stopping your bet in time to take your winnings.

The game’s demo mode will allow you to better prepare for the actual gameplay and thus increase your chances of winning while using real bets.

How not to lose money in the game Aviator?

Every player’s greatest enemy is greed. It is worth remembering a simple but important rule – winning small but regular victories is better than losing bets in expectation of a big reward. In anticipation of a big win, players often miss a good moment and thus blame themselves for the loss. This also applies to the crash game “Aviator”. We said earlier that the essence of the game is to withdraw money in time. Through trial and error, our experts have found that it is better not to delay pressing the “Cashout” button. We understand that all players are so eager to catch a multiplier of x50 or even higher. But such multipliers are hard to catch. So it is better to play on low multipliers. It will bring you more money in the long run.

Automatic Cashout

Another tip from our experts is to use the Autocashout feature. You can set a multiplier at which your winnings will be automatically output. Using this strategy, our team came to the conclusion that this was an effective way to win. Set your autoplay to a multiplier of x2, for example, and turn on the autoplay. Bets will be placed without your involvement, and your balance will be replenished. Since Aviator’s RTP is high, the percentage that the plane will fly at low multipliers is low. Try this tactic and see how it works for you!


Large and small bets

In Aviator, you have the option to place two separate bets at once. These bets are independent of each other, and you can choose to stop either one at any time while the other remains active.

We recommend that you use this function as follows:

  • You make the same bets, for example, $5. In the end, the money invested in the game is $10.
  • The first bet you need to withdraw at a multiplier of x2. It is relatively easy because the plane reaches this multiplier 85% of the time.
  • Ultimately, with your first bet, you get back the $10 you invested.
  • With the second bet, you can do what you want – withdraw by the same multiplier or wait for a bigger one. It all depends on your riskiness.

You can read even more tips from our experts on our website on the Strategies page. We hope this article has been informative and valuable to you, and we wish you luck in winning big on Aviator. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section. We’ll be glad to provide answers.

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Aviator game questions and answers

What are the best casinos with Aviator?

Pin Up

What is the average length of a tour in the game?

The duration of one round varies from 2 seconds to several minutes. No one knows how long the next round will last.

What is the amount of the minimum bet?

The minimum amount in this game is small, only 10 cents. That is, you can try out all the functionality for pennies and come up with what will be your tactic. You don’t have to have a huge budget to try playing Aviator. When you feel more confident, you can increase the amount of bet. If you manually increase the bet step is 10 cents.

What is the maximum bet amount in the Aviator game?

The maximum time you can bet is 100$. But this does not mean that you have any restrictions. By the way, there is an opportunity to make two bets at once.

What are the lowest odds?

The lowest coefficient is 1. It comes out quite rarely, about once every 50 rounds. But it would help to keep this in mind and not bet your last money in one bet.aviator low odds

What is the highest coefficient?

In this game, the maximum multiplier is contingent upon the slot version and the gaming location. Impressively, the highest coefficient we have encountered is 500. However, this figure emerges relatively infrequently. As we have observed, the typical interval ranges between an hour and an hour and a half. That is, about once every 250 rounds. But we wouldn’t recommend chasing such high odds. It is better to be realistic and catch average odds. Riskless to win more.aviator highest coefficient

Kalyan Sawhney/ author of the article

Journalist and gambling expert with 15 years of experience. Worked in 3 casinos: croupier, administrator and SMM-manager. Currently writing for the website aviator-games.org. Kalyan Sawhney is an avid player of the popular game Aviator. He is also fond of betting on sports and cryptocurrency.

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    I’m waiting for my paycheck to win the money finally. I like to play Airplane – I can sit and bet for hours. At first, I was losing, but then I realized what scheme to bet to win. Now I cannot replenish my account, so I decided to play an aviator demo play. It’s fun and exciting. And it helps to distract me.

  2. Carlos

    I tried a lot of slot machines, but after a while, I realized that Aviator was the best game. You can win a lot of money in this crash game in a few minutes. I caught the x120 multiplayer the other day. But it’s a pity I only bet $1. I’ll bet more.

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