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To date, Aviator game is among the most popular slot machines available at online casino gambling sites. Meanwhile, new fans of gambling entertainment is not yet familiar with the mechanics and functionality of this slot, in addition, it is not similar to any gambling entertainment that existed before. Therefore, our team of experts decided to deal with this issue in more detail and find out what advantages, disadvantages and features has Aviator.

Play Aviator Real Money

The bottom line of the Aviator slot is that you have the opportunity to bet on the flight of an airplane, which repeatedly takes off and crashes. You make your bets on a screen that reminds you the workplace of an aircraft operator. 

Aviator game

The basic idea behind the game is that the longer the airplane continues flying, the higher the possible payout multiplier will rise. But as soon as the plane disappears from the screen or fails, all bets that you have not withdrawn at this point will simply be burned.

Well, the basic concept of the game Aviator is simple: you need to follow the flight of the airplane and withdraw your winnings until it crashes. For visualization purposes, let’s break down the game process into simple steps:

  1. You need to make a bet (one or two): specify the amount in the appropriate field and click “Bet”.
  2. Then you need to wait until the plane takes off.
  3. Afterwards, you should click “Cashout” in time to withdraw your winnings.

As you can see, everything is quite simple and straightforward, so this slot machine will suit both complete beginners as well as experienced gamblers. The potentially low volatility of the slot also benefits this, allowing your bets to frequently become winnable.

Additionally, Aviator game is available for both desktops, laptops and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Features of Aviator Slot

aviator slot

Aviator is a relatively creative game, which differs from modern slots by the fact that it is played without any reels or prize lines. It has the following properties:

  • possibility to make double bets on the same round;
  • your earnings depend on the altitude at which the plane takes off;
  • maximum coefficient can be as high as x1000;
  • it is possible using the automation function to set the bet and withdraw your winnings;
  • different round lengths ranging from two to thirty seconds;
  • you have access to players chat;
  • game has open statistics, so you can track the frequency and size of winnings by yourself.

Mechanics of Slot Machine Aviator

Aviator is a gambling simulator based on Provably Fair technology, which acts as a guarantee of full compliance of this slot to current international standards for gambling software.

aviator game online

The outcome of each round in this game will be determined by a random number generator. This slot does not qualify as a progressive, so you do not necessarily need to make the maximum bets to get the opportunity to win.

The amount of multipliers in Aviator game is randomized, and it is increasing throughout the round. The main difficulty of this slot machine is that even experienced players can not determine how the aircraft will behave. But you will still have a good chance of getting big multipliers until the very end of the game round.

Popularity of Aviator

The Aviator game was created by the Georgian provider Spribe in 2019, and very quickly gained the recognition of gamblers from all over the world. Aviator began to be available in many famous and not so famous online casinos, whose players were happy to accept this novelty and quickly began to gamble with real money in Aviator Bet, and share this experience with their friends, who also began to try this simple and creative game.


The huge worldwide popularity of Aviator game is mainly due to the innovative approach of the developers. They can be very proud to create a fundamentally new mechanics of the game, which is significantly differs from the classic casino games and slot machines.

Since card and table games are known for many decades, and almost all video slots in one way or another use the reels, winning lines and bonus games, the mechanics of the Aviator has become a real breath of fresh air for sophisticated gamblers.

Another important reason for the popularity of the Aviator slot is that fans of this game can communicate with each other and can help each other, as the game quite suddenly provides a chat room. In this chat room regular players share strategies with newcomers, give each other various good and not very good advices and just have fun, communicating on different topics between rounds.

Aviator RTP

Aviator game has a total RTP of 97%. RTP is the return ratio of the amount of bets made. At the same time is difficult to say exactly how much you will receive from this slot: the reason is that in Aviator you decide when to withdraw your winnings, so the RTP of the slot is still affected by the choice of your strategy, and the size of your bets.

How to Play Aviator

If you’re a new gambler and you haven’t quite figured out how to play Aviator game yet, then stick to the following guidelines.

  • You need to wait for a new round and make either one bet or two bets at the same time.
  • After the airplane starts its flight up, your bet starts to multiply by the coefficient. Multiplication is completely random, sometimes the coefficient can reach 500 or even 1000, and sometimes the plane can drop down almost immediately. In other words, your main task as a player is to click on the “Cashout” button in time to take your winnings.
  • You have the option to make two bets at once to take the first part of the winnings, for example, when the plane flies to 1.3x, and the second bet can be cashed out after the plane flies to 5x, multiplying your bet by 5 times.
play aviator

It should be noted that in this game very much depends on your luck, because the plane can fall almost immediately after takeoff and give you the maximum multiplier of only x1.2, or fly very long and increase the multiplier to x1000. Everything depends on the player’s level of luck and excitement, so do not be upset by losing streaks, they happen to every player sooner or later.

Aviator Design and Control

The design of the Aviator casino slot can be described as “nothing unnecessary”. It is made with the maximum information and concise, and nothing will distract you from gaming.

The control panel is also simple and user-friendly. On the screen under the playing field, where the plane takes off, you will see two identical fields for setting two bets. On them there are buttons “Bet”, and pressing on each of them confirms that you have made your bet for the current round. After the lucky plane takes off, the “Bet” inscription on the button changes to “Cashout”, and now when you press this button you will collect your winnings.

How to Bet in the Aviator Game

Aviator bet

Therefore, in order for you to place a bet, all you need to do is:

  • Set the amount of your bet using the “+” and “-” keys or ready-made values: $1/$2/$5/$10.
  • Click on the “Bet” button.
  • After you make a bet, the inscription on the “Bet” button will change to “Cashout” and you will need to click on it to withdraw your winnings.

Autoplay and Automatic Withdrawal

To make betting even more convenient, the slot developer has provided a very convenient and simple automatic functions: auto bet and auto cashout. To place a Aviator bet in automatic mode, you as a pilot player need to:

  1. click on the “Auto” button, which is located near the “Bet” button on the toolbar;
  2. after that you choose the size of the bet and the coefficient at which the money will be withdrawn;
  3. click “Auto Play” and in the opened window choose the number of rounds in which the autoplay will proceed.
aviator online

To set “Auto Cashout” you need to:

  1. select the wanted coefficient, at which the withdrawal of money will take place. It can be seen at the bottom, under the “Bet” button.
  2. activate the “Auto Cash Out” slider.
  3. press “Auto Play”.
  4. in the window that appears, you need to specify the number of rounds, and that’s all.

Statistics of Betting in the Aviator Game

In order for you to be able to roughly calculate the time of big chances, as well as to determine successful and unsuccessful strategies, the Aviator game provides a very convenient and useful section with statistics. It is located next to the playing field, usually to the left of it. The data in this section is updated automatically after each round.

aviator bet login

This section with statistics has three tabs:

  • “All bets”: all bets of users who are currently playing Aviator with you;
  • “My bets”: this is the complete statistics of your bets, in which you will see the time of the bet, its success, and coefficients. Also in this section you can click on the green symbol to see detailed technical information about each round or copy the results to send it to the game chat;
  • “Top”: the best results of players over the last day, month or year.

How to Choose the Best Online Casino to Play Aviator

If you are new to gambling, and want to start gambling on Aviator casino game, you need to realize that in some situations you will not have enough knowledge of the rules of the game and the competent use of strategies. These skills have absolutely no value if you register in a fraudulent casino.

aviator casino

On such sites are represented either fake slot machines with rigged payout, or you simply will not be able to withdraw your winnings from there, or receive a blocking of your game account without any explanation. In general, on such sites, unfortunately, everything is done in such a way that you leave with absolutely nothing.

To play Aviator game for real money, it is necessary to examine the chosen online casino according to a number of parameters.


The presence of a license is the primary criterion for the integrity of the establishment. The regulator, who issued a permit for gambling activities, controls the activities of operators. The licensed clubs have original machines from reliable providers, and you will have constant access to all the functions of the portal, while your money payments will be fast.

International online casinos operate on the basis of licenses issued by the commissions of Malta, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Cyprus and other countries. Information about the documents is required to be available to visitors of the official website. If the company does not provide such information and ignores requests to provide this information, we recommend that you do not deal with such a site.

Reputable Providers

The availability of games from well-known developers in the game catalog is another serious sign of a worthy gambling club. Among these companies are well-known brands such as Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Yggdrasil, and others. In some online casinos you can find certificates of software testing by independent auditors eCOGRA and iTech Lab, which proves their honesty and transparency.

aviator website

Even if you register to play only Aviator game, it is worth checking the portfolio of your club, as in the future you will probably want to play something different. A large catalog is definitely a good advantage of a gambling portal, and it should include entertainment of different types: slots, table and card games, Crash machines, roulette, live games, etc. Most online establishments make accent exactly on slots, because these games are the most widely popular.

Good Reputation

Quality online casinos earn a reputation over the years and are very afraid to lose it. Serious institutions offer a loyal financial policy, high level of security, timely payment of large winnings, and other indicators of quality service. The best online casinos have 90-95% positive reviews.

High Level of Technical Support

Both beginners and experienced players periodically need help from specialists for various questions or problems. The presence of competent support is a mandatory criterion when you are choosing any casino.

The faster the support can solve the problem, the better you will treat the club, and stay with him for a long time. The best official sites for online gambling and sports betting offer you several ways to contact the operators, such as online chat, e-mail, and hotline.

Bonus Program

Good online casinos offer their clients at least 2-3 permanent and 3-4 regular bonuses. These bonuses ideally should be varied and include freespins, bonus money, and cashback. Also an undoubted advantage is the existence of a loyalty program.

When choosing a club for bonuses keep in mind that the importance has not only the size of the incentives, but very important are the conditions of their receipt and wagering. If the administration of the online casino has established for their rewards adequate wagering terms, it means that the club is not going to close tomorrow, and its policy is aimed at building mutually beneficial and long relationships with its players.

Availability of a Mobile Application or Mobile Version

Nowadays it is almost obligatory, as it is very convenient for clients to always be in the game without being tied to a computer. The best online casinos offer you applications/versions for the most popular types of smartphone operating systems: Android and iOS.

aviator money game

Good Choice of Payment Options

A good online casino should provide as many payment systems as possible to deposit your account or withdraw your winnings. Choose one that allows you to make payments using bank cards, mobile payment systems, cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and other payment methods.

In general, when choosing an online casino to play Aviator or other gambling entertainment, you should consider the following recommendations:

  • Slot machines should be licensed to avoid problems with the performance of games and unreasonably low RTP.
  • Before you start playing, make sure the casino is available for your country. At the casinos we recommend, the Aviator online game is available for all countries including India and Brazil.
  • Pay close attention to the bonus and wagering terms and conditions. Before activating any bonus offers, please read the rules carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.
  • Check the available deposit and withdrawal methods. It is important that your chosen online casino offers convenient and safe methods of financial transactions that meet your needs.
  • Study the reviews of other players and gambling experts. This will help you get a more objective picture of the quality of service and payout fairness.
  • Make sure that the chosen online casino has strong data security and uses encryption to ensure the safety of transactions and privacy of personal information.
  • Check the casino’s license. This will confirm that it meets legal requirements and is regularly audited.

By keeping these guidelines in mind and using reviews and ratings, you will be able to find the best casino that meets your needs. Once you have done this, you can safely enjoy gambling in a safe and secure environment.

How to Register in an Online Casino

The registration process is very simple and quick these days. As a rule, an online casino only requires the following information from you: first name, last name and email address/phone number. Then after registration, you will fill in your full details when it is more convenient for you to do so.

aviator play

Keep in mind that after downloading the software, the casino is more likely to ask you for additional information that is related to a full verification of your identity. This is a good sign that shows the fact that the casino takes maximum measures to keep you and other clients protected.

Important elements in the registration process

  • Make sure you enter your information exactly as it is written on your ID card or passport. Otherwise, you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings.
  • Enter the correct email address so that when the casino site sends you an email with a verification code or registration confirmation, you will be able to receive it.
  • Come up with a complex and solid password. Your goal is to make the password as difficult as possible to find and figure out, otherwise you will be at risk of having your personal account information stolen.
  • Sometimes gambling sites will require you to verify your identity through age verification. You will need to take a photo or scan your ID, passport or driver’s license.

How to Login to Online Casino

Once you have gone through the registration process, and confirmed your e-mail address, or phone number, you need to log in to your personal account to start playing the Aviator game. There is no difference whether you are accessing the site from a browser, or from a mobile application, all you need to do is to click the “Login” button and enter the login and password that you specified during registration.

aviator login

How to Make a Deposit

After registering a new account at an online casino and logging in, you will certainly want to make a deposit as soon as possible and start playing Aviator for real money. If you haven’t deposited at an online casino before and aren’t familiar with the process, please read on.

  1. Find the profile button on the casino site, and log in.
  2. Next, click on the payments tab, find the “Deposit” option, and select the payment method that suits you.
  3. Check if the currency you want is selected.
  4. Enter the desired deposit amount.
  5. If you have a promo code for any bonus, you need to enter it now. If for some reason you do not want to use the bonuses, skip this step.
  6. Check if your inputted information is correct and confirm your transfer by clicking the appropriate button.

The money should arrive on your balance after a time determined by your chosen payment system: from a few seconds to a few hours.

How to Withdraw Your Money

As a rule, online casinos have a condition that you can withdraw your winnings only using the payment option through which you have already made your deposit. In addition, most online gambling establishments will require you to verify your identity, if you have not done this procedure before.

aviator betting

This is due to the fact that the administration of the casino must check whether you are of legal age, are using your payment method, do not have another account on this site, whether you are not blacklisted, etc. Verification in different online casinos takes from one to three days.

So, if you do not want to encounter unnecessary delays, we recommend to pass verification in advance if possible. This will speed up the withdrawal of the winnings that you received in the Aviator game.

Carefully monitor whether you have wagered your bonus, otherwise the withdrawal may be blocked. Also keep in mind that the speed of withdrawal depends on the payment system, for example, when withdrawing by card it can take several days, and when withdrawing to a cryptocurrency wallet, your winnings can be withdrawn in a few minutes.

If you are absolutely sure that all the conditions have been met correctly, do the following:

  1. Log in to your gambling account.
  2. Next, go to the payments tab, find the “Withdrawal” option and select the same payment method you used to make a deposit.
  3. Check if the currency you are using is selected.
  4. Enter the desired withdrawal amount and click the corresponding button. After that you will be able to monitor its status on the website of your online institution.

Different casinos have different limits on the amount of payouts per day or month, so to avoid problems you should know it and not exceed it. In good establishments, this warning about limits will be visible to you during the withdrawal process. Another nuance is that when you request a transfer, you should take into account that the financial department of the site functions only during business hours.

In some cases, you may receive a message or a link to confirm the operation on your phone number or e-mail.

If your transfer was rejected, you should not worry, most likely there was simply some kind of error, most often it is the choice of the wrong payment system, although sometimes you can get under suspicion for some reason. All you need to do, if you are an honest player, is to contact the support team and they will be happy to help you with your problem.

Aviator Demo Mode

The developers of the game Aviator really made a great product for gamblers, which is proved by its demo mode. To play it, you do not even need to go through the registration process, you just open the tab, and try your hand at this exciting game.

aviator demo

In Aviator demo mode you can understand all the functions and mechanics absolutely free of any cost. You have the opportunity to quickly and with no money loss play with one bet, with two bets, test autoplay, and autocheckout, and pick up the necessary coefficients.

Besides, we recommend you to test different tactics and strategies in this mode: it will save you from unnecessary and senseless waste of money, and will give you an opportunity to fully understand the essence of the chosen strategy and to check its performance.

Strategies and Tips for the Aviator Game

We want to remind you that gambling is first and foremost a game, and you can not win at the casino constantly. Nevertheless, regular Aviator game players have a collection of different strategies for earning money in Aviator, but we advise you to treat them wisely and first check their effectiveness in a convenient demo mode, which is available in the game even without registration.

aviator betting game

The main advantages of any strategy is that following it really help you to structure your game correctly, consistently choose your objective and properly execute the pre-defined algorithm of actions. So with a certain amount of luck you will be able to complete the game with a profit, and it will happen much more often than with those players who absolutely randomly play Aviator, relying only on their personal luck.

Strategies for Playing Aviator

In this section, we will introduce you to the most successful strategies for Aviator betting game, and if you are interested, you can learn about other strategies on your own on-line.

Two Bet Strategy

In the Aviator game, this strategy suggests that you place your first bet on a small multiplier and your second bet on a larger multiplier. The point of this strategy is that you recover your expenses on both bets by winning on the small multiplier, and the main profit you make is if both of your bets are successful. This strategy is one of the safest, as it minimizes your potential risks and does not require you to have a very large bankroll.

Big Multiplier Strategy

This strategy suggests that you set yourself the objective of catching a big multiplier of 100 or more, which falls in the game approximately once an hour. The point of it is that you enter the game, and watch the multipliers. You need to wait for the moment when the big multiplier did not fall out during 30-50 game rounds and then start betting a predetermined amount of money, waiting for the desired multiplier to come, and then you will make a huge score.

spribe aviator

We would like to warn you that this strategy is quite risky, because with a limited bankroll you can never reach the big multiplier and lose all your money. As in most online casino games, the results of the game in Aviator do not have any regularity and it is difficult to predict anything.

You should be prepared that in Aviator situations when big multipliers do not fall out for dozens and sometimes hundreds of game sessions happen regularly, as well as those rare cases when two huge multipliers are falling out immediately one after another.

Medium Risk Strategy

This strategy is based on the idea that you constantly catch a 2x-3x multiplier, which falls out quite often. In order to follow the strategy correctly, you need to determine the desired value of the multiplier you are going to bet on and accordingly set up the auto-cashout function for it, because manually catching such a multiplier is quite boring and even tedious. Besides, you can simply decide that a bigger multiplier will fall out now, and skip the necessary coefficient.

Remember that in the Aviator game online, as in many casino games, your tactics are key and if you don’t have the discipline, a good solution is to use the automatic cashout. As we wrote above, this feature is adjustable on the control panel for a certain multiplier and when it has been reached, the system automatically cashouts your bet.

Use of Mathematical Strategies in the Aviator Game

You can use mathematical strategies that have been developed for other casino games, but they basically work on the Aviator slot as well. Read about the most popular variations below.

Labouchere’s strategy

You set the desired amount of winnings, but you need to have a sufficient bank, so that the intended goal will be no more than 15%, or better 10% of the available funds. The desired income should be divided, but the only strict restriction is to take odds always not lower than 2.

After that, you add two numbers from the selected sequence, and bet the resulting amount. If your bet wins, the numbers from the list crossed out, and bet on the sum of the new two numbers. If the stake does not succeed, the lost amount is added to the sequence for betting. It goes on like this until you get the initial desired profit.

Martingale strategy

This is the well-known strategy of doubling your bet after every unsuccessful Aviator round. Basically, this strategy can help you recover losses, but it requires caution to avoid big losses in case of a long series of defeats.

aviator spribe gaming

Other popular strategies: you can find many other mathematical strategies on the internet yourself, such as the Dalembert strategy, the Fibonacci strategy, etc. They are quite complicated, so study them carefully and choose the one that suits your playing style.

Don’t forget that gambling always carries risk, and no strategy guarantees constant earnings. You need to remain a responsible gambler and do not gamble for amounts bigger than you can afford to lose. You can try and use different strategies, but the most important thing is that gambling should be fun and not be a source of income. Read more about this in the next section.

Tips for a Smart Game

  • Manage your bankroll properly. First of all, limit your bets: before you start gambling, determine your budget and betting limits. Try not to exceed these limits to avoid unnecessary financial losses.
    Secondly, preferably divide your bankroll into gambling sessions and try to stick to a betting strategy that fits your budget.
  • In gambling, it is extremely important to control your emotions. Ideally, you should always remain calm. Remember that gambling can cause negative emotions, but it is important to stay cool and not let your bad emotions influence your decisions in Aviator or any other games.
  • Do not spend very long gambling sessions, if you feel that you are starting to lose concentration, or self-control, take a break, because it will definitely help you regain mental clearness and calmness.
  • Another good tip is to set limits on both losses and wins. Determine in advance how much you are willing to lose and how much you would like to win, and once these limits are reached, end your gambling session. Big wins may encourage you to play too bravely and recklessly, so be careful with good emotions as well.
aviator plane

Preparation and Analysis

Before you start gambling Avitor for real money, be sure to try this exciting game in demo mode to understand its mechanics, functions and features.
Also, it will not be superfluous if you can keep a record of the results of each game, including bets and payouts. This will greatly help you analyze your performance and adjust your gambling strategy in the right way.

Learning from Other Players

If you want, you can read online forums and player communities to share your experiences and learn from other Aviator fans. It is also a good idea to watch streams and videos, as many streamers broadcast their gameplay sessions on video hosting or streaming platforms. This can be useful for learning about strategies and tactics.

Utilizing Casino Bonuses

Many online casinos offer bonuses to new players, and these incentives can offer extra money to your account, free spins, and other lucrative gifts. If you’re a new player, take advantage of such offers when you sign up, but always examine the terms and conditions of these bonuses.

In addition, the casinos offer rewards not only for newcomers, but also for their regular guests. These can be weekly bonuses, cashback, loyalty programs or special promotions, participation in which is available only to regular players. So if you have the opportunity and desire, take advantage of bonuses, because if used correctly, they will help you greatly increase your gambling bankroll.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Aviator

Multiplayer gameplayVery simple and primitive design according to some players
Short duration of roundsPoor musical accompaniment
Possibility to make two bets per roundNo jackpot
High maximum multiplier of x1000 
Detailed statistics 
Online chat with players 
Demo mode 
Automatic functions 
Provably Fair 


Aviator game, regardless of its relatively new appearance in the industry of gambling entertainment, managed to quickly gain huge popularity among gamblers around the world. Aviator attracts players with its level of returns, non-standard gameplay, high level of excitement and dynamic multiplayer gameplay.

You should also appreciate the possibility of running the Aviator in demo mode, which allows you to play it for virtual money, without risking a cent, and at the same time thoroughly testing the performance of various strategies and learning its features and functions.


Is Aviator a fair game?

Yes, the Aviator game is controlled by a random number generator and any patterns are excluded by the software code.

How can I win in Aviator?

You can win in the Aviator game if you exit the game in time with your winnings, if you get the planned profit.

How does the Aviator game work?

The Aviator money game is controlled by a random number generator, which randomizes the multipliers that fall out in the game. In addition, in order for the casino to make money on this game, the Aviator has an RTP of 97%, which simply means that on average three out of a hundred flights will end in a plane crash on takeoff and all the money from this session will go to the casino.

What is the correct way to play Aviator?

Unfortunately, there is no single correct and successful tactic for playing Aviator games, but the use of strategies and bankroll management can help you profitably build up your game and in the end, leave with a win.

What is the best strategy?

The best strategy for playing Aviator plane is something you will have to find on your own, taking into account your unique playing style and personality. You can also learn from other players, as many of them have their own techniques and secrets for playing Aviator game casino.

What are the best multipliers in Aviator?

There is no multiplier that is guaranteed to make a player a profit, you just need to play, gain experience and look for the multiplier that will help you personally win at Aviator gambling game.

Is it possible to hack Aviator?

No, it is technically impossible to hack Aviator. Despite its seeming simplicity this is a very high-tech game. Do not try to hack the game yourself, as for any attempts to dishonest actions in the casino security service instantly and permanently blocks the player’s account, and puts it on a blacklist, which is then used by many online casinos.

Kalyan Sawhney/ author of the article

Journalist and gambling expert with 15 years of experience. Worked in 3 casinos: croupier, administrator and SMM-manager. Currently writing for the website aviator-games.org. Kalyan Sawhney is an avid player of the popular game Aviator. He is also fond of betting on sports and cryptocurrency.

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