Welcome to an interesting crash game dedicated to airships – Zeppelin. This slot is not much different from the typical crashes – it is a slot machine that allows you to win large sums of money in the shortest possible time. Let’s tell about the secrets and peculiarities of the game.


The game Zeppelin resembles Aviator, but there are differences between them. Below is a comparison table where you can see the differences between these games:

CharacteristicAviator 🛩ī¸Zeppelin đŸ›Ŧ
DeveloperSpribe 🕹ī¸BetSolutions 🕹ī¸
Release year2020 📅2021 📅
ThemeAviation 🛩ī¸Airship đŸ›Ŧ
TypeCrash Game 🎲Crash Game 🎲
Return to Player (RTP)97% 🤑98% 🤑
Demo modeAvailable 🕹ī¸Available 🕹ī¸
AvailabilityAvailable in various online casinos 🌐1xbet, 1win and other 🌐

As we see the RTP of Zeppelin game is higher, and this means that you can win more.

Zeppelin rules of the game

Zeppelin is a slot released by BetSolutions. The RTP is 98%. The gameplay is as simple as possible, it will quickly master even a novice, the first time faced with gambling entertainment.

After starting Zeppelin there is a playing field, divided into 3 parts. On the left side there is an information table, which shows the bets of all players, user bets and game statistics. On the right side there is a chat room, where you can communicate with other players. In addition, here the chat bot determines the “Hero of the day”, i.e. the most productive player.

Zeppelin game

In the middle of the screen is easy to see the main character of the slot – blimp. During a certain period of time (about 5 seconds) before the next round players are invited to make a bet, after which the blimp takes off. As it gains height, the coefficient by which the bet is multiplied grows. At a random point of ascent, the airship explodes. Users who have managed to withdraw money before that moment get winnings equal to the stake multiplied by the coefficient at the moment of withdrawal. If the winnings button is not pressed before the airship explodes, the bet is burned.

In addition, players have the opportunity to make automatic bets. Thanks to this function, the game automatically saves the previous bet. In addition, it allows you to automatically cash out as soon as the odds reach a predetermined value.

Additional features in the Zeppelin game

Here are some useful features of Zeppelin:

  • Live-chat for communicating with other players and sharing experiences.
  • A tab with statistics, where you can see the winnings of all users.
  • The ability to gift another player in the chat.
  • Auto-betting and automatic cashout options to simplify gameplay.

The game is made in HTML5, allowing it to run on any mobile device, with automatic adjustment to the screen size of the device.

Zeppelin also has two jackpots that can be won. To qualify for a jackpot, a certain multiplier must be achieved, and then the prize is divided between all players who withdraw their winnings with a multiplier higher than x2. There are two types of jackpots:

  • The first jackpot is played with a multiplier between x500 and x900.
  • The second jackpot is played with a multiplier above x900.

Note that the winnings are divided in proportion to the bets.

Betting limits range from one to one hundred dollars. The value of the odds can range from x1 (the airship explodes on takeoff) to infinity. The amount of maximum winnings from a single bet is limited to 30 thousand dollars.

It is also possible to play with two bets simultaneously. To do this, simply click on the button with a plus sign to the right of the betting field, and a second screen will open where you can place another bet.

Zeppelin demo

Large online casinos support demo mode slot Zeppelin. The gameplay is identical to the normal mode, except for betting on virtual credits (you can play for free) and the lack of opportunities to withdraw to the card or purse winnings.

Although the winnings in the demo are virtual, this mode provides an opportunity without risk to the finances to get acquainted with all the features of the machine.

Where to play Zeppelin?

To run a crash game Zeppelin for money should choose a reliable platform where the personal data and financial transactions of users are protected, privacy is respected, and winnings are paid in a timely manner.

In the choice will help casino reviews and tips from our experts.

Zeppelin Strategies to win

Zeppelin’s mechanics are based on the LFO, so in each round the result is completely random and does not depend in any way on the outcome of previous rounds. This means that the blimp can explode at any moment.

Due to the randomness of all results, strategies and tactics of playing the slot are useless. In addition, Zeppelin is secure against hacking.

Among the common tactics used by users on slot machines, the system of double bets is popular (the machine supports 2 bets per round). The trick is as follows:

  • We make the first bet large, and the winnings are taken at the minimum odds (x1.2 – x1.3) to minimize the risk
  • We make the second one small and wait for it “to the last”, until the odds become large. The loss on it is covered by the minimum profit from the first bet.

Experts advise that before launching the blimp for real money, practice in a free demo version. So you can “get your hands on” and better understand how the slot works, without risking your own finances.


Is Zeppelin available on a smartphone?

The crash game is optimized and can run on computers or mobile devices.

How much does the slot give you to win?

The player himself determines the winnings – to get a little, but almost guaranteed, or risk the bet and try to earn more. Everything is fair.

Is it safe to play Zeppelin?

The game is completely safe. The slot is certified and works on the GCF. It is important to find a good entertainment site, which will honestly pay out winnings.

How much can I win at most?

The size of the prize depends on the size of the bet. Potential winnings can be up to 30 thousand dollars.

Kalyan Sawhney/ author of the article

Journalist and gambling expert with 15 years of experience. Worked in 3 casinos: croupier, administrator and SMM-manager. Currently writing for the website aviator-games.org. Kalyan Sawhney is an avid player of the popular game Aviator. He is also fond of betting on sports and cryptocurrency.

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