Plinko is one of the most popular games from the developer Spribe. Anyone who’s ever watched an American TV show Price Is Right has always dreamed of going there as a contestant. And now everyone has this opportunity, because the principle of the game is the same as the TV show, only now you can play online casino games sitting at home from your computer or phone. You can win good money! In this article you will learn about the rules of the game, where to play Plinko and how to win.

Play Plinko

plinko game

Plinko Game

Game developers have created recently Plinko, but it quickly became very fond of the players and now it plays hundreds of thousands of users! And no wonder, because everyone can play the greatest game show of all time – Price Is Right! Only you don’t have to compete with anyone. In Plinko you will be alone with the game and decide by yourself how much to bet and which ball to play. In addition, you can make an unlimited number of bets. Play online in Plinko not only fun, but profitable. After all, the game’s RTP is as much as 97%, which means you’ll have a very low chance of losing. In addition, Spribe has implemented Provably Fair technology. This technology gives a guarantee of the fairness of the game. You don’t have to worry about your money. Unless, of course, you play in a proven casino, which we recommend.

plinko spribe

We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that on the Internet you can see several versions of the game Plinko. The most popular version is from the developer Spribe. That’s what we will talk about in this article. But, unfortunately, it is not presented in all casinos. Therefore, you can play Plinko from UpGaming. The picture and design are different, but the rules are the same, only the maximum amount of winnings is bigger.

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Plinko X

Another variant of the game is Plinko X from Smartsoft. Many of us have already played the game from this developer – JetX. So the company has released a new one – Plinko X. In this version of the game you will see a very colorful and high quality interface. It is very pleasant to play. The rules here are also different – at the top rotates a drum, when you press the bet button from this drum will fall ball – pink, yellow and red Pink ball – the usual. Depending on which multiplier it falls on – will determine your winnings. The yellow ball, on the other hand, is rare – it does not come up as often as the pink one. But if it does, it will multiply your winnings by five. There is also a red one that multiplies your winnings by 10 times. In fact, the technology is very similar to Spribe’s game, just in a different format.

Plinko X

Plinko Registration

In order to start playing Plinko for money you need to create a casino account. Choose the casino you want and click on the button on the side. You will be redirected to the official casino website. After that, register yourself. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Register button.
  • Fill in your email
  • Think of a strong password and be sure to write it in a safe place
  • Enter your date of birth. Keep in mind that only adults can play Plinko.
  • Agree to the terms of use
Plinko Registration

After that, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Click on the link. That’s it! Now you have an account and can win real money!

In addition, there is another way – this registration Plinko in 1 click. For this, you need to have an account in a social network.

Plinko Login

Login to Plinko is not difficult. If you are already registered, then you need to log in. The fastest way is to log into Plinko through Facebook, Google, Twitch. Having an account on one of these social networks you can log in in just 1 click.

Plinko Login

The second way is to click on Sign In, which is located in the right corner of the screen. A window will open in which you have to enter your email or username and password.

What to do if you can’t log in to Plinko? Do not worry, you can always regain access to your account. Click Forgotten your password, and a new one will come to your mailbox. If you have lost access to the mail, then write to the casino support, the staff will help you.

Plinko Rules

We already talk a lot about the game Plinko, but still have not told you about its rules! We need to fix that:) To begin with, the rules are very simple. They will be especially simple for those who have watched the TV show Price Is Right. In case that you have not seen the famous program, then you can also understand the rules for literally 5 minutes. And we will help you with this issue! So, the rules of the game Plinko:

  • After loading the game you will see in front of you a set of pegs, which form a pyramid.
  • From these pegs will push off the ball and fall on the coefficients.
  • At the bottom are the coefficients – green, yellow and red.
Plinko Rules

You also have the choice of what color to launch the ball. If, for example, you run red, then it will fall on a red line of coefficients.

plinko how to play

Game levels

The color determines the level of difficulty of the game. Let’s take a closer look at each color of Plinko:

  • Green is the easiest color. Here there is almost no chance to lose! The minimum coefficient here is 0.5. This means that after betting $10 you will lose $ 5. That is, the risk is minimal! But the maximum that can be won by betting $ 10 – $ 180. Agree that this is not bad. But such a multiplier is rare, and you will mainly fall multipliers 1.2-1.6. To win a large sum of money will have to play all day! In general, this option is for those players who are not ready to take risks.
  • Orange is a medium difficulty level. The chance to lose here is already higher than in green – 0.2. That is, having bet $10, there is a chance of losing $8 and winning only $2. But still, with the orange ball there is no risk of losing all the money. And the multipliers here are already higher – a maximum of 55! That is, betting 10 you can win 550.
  • Red is the most difficult and the most risky. At this level there is already a multiplier of 0, which means that you can lose all your money that you bet. But the odds here are the highest of all – 353! That is, from 10 dollars you can win 3530! Agree, not bad! But keep in mind that if you run the red ball, you risk the most!

The low odds are in the middle. That’s often where the ball falls. Your task is to make the ball go as far to the side as possible. Because it is at the very edge of the highest multipliers.

Plinko game online

How to play Plinko?

As you have understood, all you have to do is choose your bet size and color and wait for the multiplier on which ball will fall. Many people wonder – if you run a lot of balls quickly they can push each other and fall to the side, thereby hitting a high multiplier? Our answer is, unfortunately, no. The game is built on an algorithm of random numbers. You have no control over where your ball falls.

You can run the game in automatic mode. Set the bet size and also choose which color of the ball will be triggered. Auto Play is a handy feature for those who don’t want to constantly push the buttons.

plinko how to play

We have tried to explain to you as clear and detailed as possible the rules of the game Plinko and how to play it. But if you have any questions, ask them in the comments, we’ll be happy to answer them.

Plinko Slot Demo

At all the casinos we recommend to play Plinko for free and without registration in demo mode. The demo version allows you to understand the rules of the game, to practice, to understand what level of difficulty you should choose for future play for money.

Plinko Demo

The demo version is also ideal for those who want to have fun. Keep in mind that you will be playing with virtual chips, and if you get the highest multiplier you cannot withdraw your winnings, because they are not real money. So we recommend the free version of the game for those who want to get familiar with the rules of the game. Many players wrote us that they caught a 353 multiplier at a bet of 100 and asked how they could withdraw their winnings. But unfortunately, it is not real to do. So don’t delay with Plinko’s Demo, and switch to real betting at one of the casinos we recommend.

How to win at Plinko

So how do you win at Plinko? We’ll tell you how! As we said before, there are three difficulty levels of the game – green, orange and red. If you’re satisfied with slow but sure wins, play all the time on Green level.

Plinko How to Win

If you want to win a lot of money fast, we have chosen a risky strategy for you. Its essence is to run in automatic mode run about twenty green balls at small stakes, and then switch to the red at large stakes. This strategy often gives good results and allows you to win large sums of money in the game Plinko.

Where to play Plinko gambling?

You can play the game Plinko in the online casinos below:

  • Stake;
  • BC.Game;
  • Cloudbet;
  • Rocketpot;
  • Fairspin.

In all of these casinos you can play the original game for money. You will have the opportunity to test Plinko from Spribe, UpGaming, Smartsoft and BGaming. It’s worth noting that you can play Plinko for cryptocurrency at these places. But if you want to play another crash game, then try Aviator.

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Game screenshots

Video: huge winnings in Plinko!


Plinko – what is it?

Plinko is a minigame from Spribe in which the amount you win depends on where the ball falls.

Where can I play Plinko?

On our site we have given working links to casinos where you can play Plinko.

Can I play Plinko for free?

Yes, you can play Plinko for free and without registration in demo mode.

What is the minimum bet in Plinko?

The minimum bet is 10 cents.

What is the max bet?

Max stake – 100$.

Is it possible to hack the Plinko game?

It is impossible to hack the game Plinko from the developer Spribe.

Is Plinko game reliable?

Yes, the game is built on the problie fire system. Therefore, you can not worry about the safety of your funds. It is also impossible to customize the game, so your winnings are pure chance.

How to download the game Plinko?

To download Plinko you need to download online casino application which has the game Plinko. Working links for downloading can be found on our website.

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