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Navigator is new to the crash game industry. It appeared on the Premier Bet website in March 2023 and immediately started gaining huge popularity among players. Let’s talk about this slot in more detail.

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Navigator game

Overview of the game Navigator

Navigator is a simple crash game with an airplane. If you have ever played Aviator, you will find it very easy to play Navigator. They are very similar to each other. Navigator has an RTP of 97%, which promises good odds of winning. This game is available at Premier Bet and Premier Vegas.

The visual design is done in dark colors. A red plane with a propeller in front takes off against a black background and rises higher and higher with every second. The sound effects are pleasant, you might say, a bit cosmic. The background music doesn’t bore you but rather complements the overall gameplay. And it is very good that the sounds are not disturbing, but create a relaxing atmosphere, although you probably can not relax in crash games:)

The Navigator is suitable for both beginners and experienced players. Simple rules allow you to quickly get the hang of the game and allow you to win money quickly.

Premier Bet Registration

To start playing Navigator on Premier Bet, you will need to create an account. Registration is available for many countries, including Malawi, Congo, Angola, Ghana, and many others. Follow the steps below to successfully register:

  1. Go to the Premier Bet website and click “Register”
  2. Enter your information: first name, last name, date of birth, and mail.
  3. Think of a password you will use to sign in to your account.
  4. Enter your phone number. An SMS confirmation code will be sent to it.
  5. Enter the code from SMS in the appropriate field on the website and complete registration.
Navigator Premier Bet Registration

Please note that registration without a phone number is not possible, as it is a prerequisite for confirming the account.

Login to start playing Navigator

As we said before, you can’t play without an account in the Navigator. That’s why you need to log in to your personal account. To do this, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the Premier Bet home page.
  2. Look up at the top of the home page – there will be a login form.
  3. Enter your username or the phone number you signed up with.
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Click the “Login” button to confirm.
login Premier Bet

If all of your details are correct you will be able to play at the casino. But in order to play for money you have to replenish your account first. Deposit methods are different for each country, you can deposit via bank cards or cryptocurrency.

Game rules

The game Navigator is easy to learn. As we mentioned earlier, it is very similar to Aviator. The rules are the same. So if you have already played Aviator, congratulations – you know all the rules! Well, for beginners, we will help you understand the rules step by step:

  1. Betting: Players place their bets before the start of the round. Select an amount and click “Bet”.
  2. Start: The plane begins to take off. Prize payout odds increase with the altitude gained.
  3. Cash Out: At any time, players can withdraw their bet at the current odds. Click Cash Out on time!
  4. Crash: All of a sudden, a plane may crash. If you do not cash out in time, your bet is lost.
  5. Winning: If you withdraw before the crash, you win at the current odds.
Navigator rules game

Now you know the basics of the game Navigator. If you have any additional questions, ask them in comments.

How to play Navigator?

We have already talked a little bit about how to play Navigator in the “Rules of the Game” section. Let’s recap one more time:

  1. Before you start the round, decide on the amount you want to bet.
  2. Then click on the “Bet now” button. In addition, you can place two bets at once, to increase your chances of winning and hedge.
  3. The first bet you can withdraw at that stage, at which your investment will pay off. Second, you can take a risk and wait for a higher multiplier. But do not linger, time is not infinite, and the plane can fall at any moment.
  4. Once you realize that the multiplier suits you, immediately press the “Cash Out” button. Remember that the round can end at any second, so be determined.
  5. You can play an unlimited number of rounds as long as your budget allows you to do so.
how to play

As you can see, it’s not hard to play. Try playing with small stakes first so you don’t lose money while you practice. Better yet, play in demo mode.

At the time of writing, unfortunately, the demo mode for the Navigator game is not available on Premier Bet. Don’t be disappointed though, there is an alternative option for practice.

To practice and become familiar with the rules, you can play a demo version of Aviator at any other online casino. Since Navigator is very similar to Aviator, the experience gained while playing the Aviator demo will be useful and will help you better understand the features and strategies of Navigator.

Fortunately, the Navigator game is new, and no app has yet been created to predict the results of the game. But we are sure that such applications will be created in the future. Why do we say that fortunately, they haven’t created Predictor yet? Of course, we will answer you: We believe that any predictor is a hoax. Due to the popularity of such crash games, scammers have created a bunch of these applications, for which they ask for money, and not small money at that.

On our website, we have already done a review of the Aviator predictor and warned our readers that you should not be fooled by all these offers on the Internet that it’s all a scam. Unfortunately, our article is found later than paying money and downloading the predictor. As a result, people lose their money and end up with nothing. For example, a person from Namibia wrote to us the other day and shared his experience: he was cheated by swindlers, he paid 65$ for the Predictor app, but nobody, of course, sent him the app, they just blocked him. And, unfortunately, there are a lot of such cases. Remember the cardinal rule: the game Navigator cannot be hacked or the outcome of the game predicted. We hope that you will read our article before you fall for cheaters and be informed and protected.

How to win at Navigator – strategies

Navigator strategies

To win at Navigator, you need not only to rely on your luck but also to be able to use some tips and strategies:

  • Place two bets at the same time: One way to increase your chances of winning is to place two bets at once. This way, you can control the risk by taking the first bet at a lower multiplier, and the second bet by taking the risk and expecting higher odds.
  • Use the Martingale method: This strategy involves increasing your bet after each loss. That way when you win you make up for any previous losses and earn a small profit. But to be honest, we do not recommend this strategy for people with low budgets. Only for those who can afford to lose.
  • Keep an eye on the stats: Observe the results of your previous rounds and analyze the behavior of the multiplier. This will help you spot the general trend and pick the best time to place your bets.
  • Determine your exit strategy: Decide in advance which multiplier you want to cash out on, and stick to that decision. This will help you avoid taking too much risk and save your budget.

We hope that our tips will help you win at Navigator.


Which sites can I play Navigator Slot on?

You can only play this slot on Premier Bet.

Can I use the mobile application to play Navigator?

Yes, the game Navigator is available through the Premier Bet mobile application, which can be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices.

What are the odds of winning a game of Navigator?

Navigator has an RTP of 97%, which means that the odds of winning are quite high.

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