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Aviator is a newly introduced gambling game on Lottostar that has rapidly gained popularity among players, making it the most favored game among all slot machines.

Play Aviator LottoStar

The Aviator game is at the top of ratings for a reason. It is like users because it has simple rules, and you can win a lot of money in just a few minutes. The following will explain in detail how to play Aviator on Lottostar.

Aviator Lottostar Registration

You will need an account to play Aviator on Lottostar. So you will need to create one. To do this, click on the registration button on the official site – a form will open in front of you, which you’ll have to fill out:

Aviator Lottostar Registration

Choose your country of residence – South Africa or other countries. This depends on what data the site will require from you. For example, if you’re a resident of another country, you may not enter the data of your identity document.

Fill in your first name, last name, date of birth, email address, and password, and enter your phone number. A text message will be sent to your phone with a code that you must enter to verify your account:


Lottostar Aviator Login

If you already have an account, you will need to log in. Just enter your email and password. If you don’t remember your password, you can restore it anytime. As soon as you enter your account, you can play Aviator.

aviator lottostar login

How do deposit?

Lottostar offers a variety of ways to make deposits:

  • bank cards, Mastercard, and Visa;
  • electronic transfers;
  • direct deposit;
  • vouchers;
  • alternative methods.
Lottostar  Deposit

As you can see, everyone will find the most convenient way. There will be no problems with it. Also, through these types of deposits, you can withdraw your winnings. The withdrawal of money is usually quick. Delays may occur in the withdrawal of winnings due to bank cards. Users note the absence of commission.

How to play Aviator on Lottostar?

You must register and fund your account to play aviator slot game on Lottostar. Above we told how to do it. The next step is to find the game on the site. It’s easy – type the game’s name in the search line, and the result will appear immediately.

Aviator lottostar

Once in the game, you’ll see how each round, there is a plane that has to fly as long as possible. The flight time depends on the multiplier of your bet. Your task is to have time to press the button and take your winnings until the plane disappears. If you don’t manage to do this and the flight stops before you press the button, you lose your money. Here is an example:

Before the round starts, you need to make a bet. For example, you bet $1. You see that the plane flies for 30 seconds, and odds 9.24 suits you. You click the button and withdraw your winnings – $1 * by 9.24 = $9.24.

aviator game lottostar

Wins can sometimes amount to thousands of dollars! Based on our own experience, even from one dollar can go up to $1000!

How to win Aviator on Lottostar?

At Lottostar, you can see how much money other players have won each round. It’s a handy feature. Here’s a tip from us: If you won significant money in the last round, you should skip the next few rounds, as the slot machines work on the RTP system. This means that the casino must be on the plus. And if some customer has won a lot of money, then the slot should take them back to the casino from other players. Yes, this is true. If you didn’t know, all slot machines would work on this system. All you have to do is keep track of who won, how much, and when, so you can build off that and not get into that round where the plane is only a few seconds away.

Aviator how to win

You can also chat with other players in the in-game chat. Not only is it fun, but sometimes it can be helpful. Players share their experiences, predictions, and strategies for playing Aviator.

lottostar aviator Predictor

Aviator Predictor

To predict the game Aviator you can download a special application. But we do not recommend doing this because artificial intelligence often makes mistakes and learning to predict the game’s outcome is better. To do this, you need to study the statistics:

Low odds of 1.2 -1.5 a player can catch almost every round.Once an hour you can catch odds of 50-60.High odds of x100 and higher will be caught once every hour and a half.

Based on these statistics, you can guess the outcomes of the rounds. Start betting if you see that it has not been x50 odds for more than half an hour. For instance, if you have $20, bet a dollar 20 times, and you will surely catch a high odd!

Our tips on winning at Aviator will be useful for you. We wish you big wins!


How do I find the Aviator game on the Lottostar site?

To find the game, you need to enter the official site in the search box word Aviator.

Are the rules of Aviator hard to understand?

The rules of the game are straightforward to understand, even for beginners

Is there a demo version of Aviator on Lottostar?

Yes, you can find a demo version of the game on Lottostar

How do I win?

Observe the strategy and do not succumb to the excitement. If you win – withdraw the money and start playing again after a while.

Kalyan Sawhney/ author of the article

Journalist and gambling expert with 15 years of experience. Worked in 3 casinos: croupier, administrator and SMM-manager. Currently writing for the website aviator-games.org. Kalyan Sawhney is an avid player of the popular game Aviator. He is also fond of betting on sports and cryptocurrency.

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