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The Aviator game appeared on the official Estrela Bet website in late 2022. Players were excited about the novelty because many had long asked the casino administration to add this slot machine to their site. Fortunately, the request was heard, and now everyone can play Aviator.

Play Aviator EstrelaBet

Aviator is one of the most popular games of all slot machines. It is played daily by hundreds of thousands of players from all over the world, including Brazil. What is the secret of the game Aviator? The answer is simple – the rules are simple, and the winnings are big and fast. All you have to do to win is create an account on the official EstrelaBet website. Below we will tell you how to do this.

Aviator Estrela Bet Registration

Registration is necessary to play Aviator for money at EstrelaBet Casino. Creating an account is quick. We will give you detailed instructions to register in a few minutes.

aviator estrela bet registration

Step 1

  1. Go to the official website of Estrela Bet;
  2. Click on the Register button;
  3. Enter your CPF number if you live in Brazil;
  4. Fill in your first and last name;
aviator estrelabet registrer

Step 2

  1. Come up with a username and create a password;
  2. Enter your cell phone number and email;
  3. Agree to the terms of use and click Finish.
create an account

After completing these simple steps, you will successfully register on EstrelaBet.

Aviator Estrela Bet Login

estrela bet aviator login

In order to access your account, you must first log in to Estrela Bet. To do this is very easy. On the main page at the top, there are two fields where you need to enter your username and password. Click on the Login button. You will be instantly logged in if you have entered all the data correctly. If you forget your password, you can always restore it via your cell phone or email. After you enter your cabinet, you can play on the aviator game site.

How do I play Aviator at Estrela Bet?

Playing the Aviator at EstrelaBet is very easy. When you go to the official casino website, you will see the word “Aviator” in the middle of the page.

estrela bet aviator

To access the slot machine, simply click on it. You’ll be given the option to play for free, which is a great option if you don’t want to recharge your account right away. However, if you want to win real money, you’ll need to recharge your account first before playing.

aviator estrela bet

In front of you will open the game panel. In the middle, you will see a plane taking off each round. At the bottom is the betting panel – you can bet one or two at a time. And on the right, you have the opportunity to observe the winnings of other players.

Aviator Estrela Bet Rules of the game

As we said earlier, the rules of the game Aviator are very simple. Even an inexperienced user who has never played a slot machine can deal with it. Well, we’ll help you and tell you the most essential rules you need to know before you start playing:

  • The bet is made before the start of the round;
  • The plane takes off and flies for a few seconds to a minute;
  • The longer the plane flies, the higher the multiplier becomes;
  • Your winnings depend on which multiplier you exit the game;
  • Your task is to collect your winnings until the plane disappears from the screen;
  • If the plane falls and you don’t have time to hit the cashout button, you lose the money you bet;
  • You cannot know in advance when the plane will fall.
Aviator EstrelaBet

These are all the rules you need to know about Aviator.

Aviator Estrela Bet Demo

Casino Estrela Bet allows its players to play in Demo mode. This is a perfect opportunity to get acquainted with the game for free! You do not even need to register! You can practice and develop your Aviator strategy to win. Also, this option is perfect for those who want to play an airplane for fun. To get to Demo mode, click on the Aviator button located in the center of the page.

Is it safe to play Aviator at Estrela Bet Casino?

Since the official EstrelaBet casino website features the game Aviator from the developer Spribe, we can say with certainty that it’s safe to play there. You don’t have to worry about the casino setting the game up for themselves, as Spribe has built the game on “Provably Fair” technology, which guarantees 100% fair play results. Thanks to this technology, no third party can interfere in gaming.

In addition, Estrela Bet is one of the most popular casinos in Brazil. The company has many licenses that guarantee safety and legality. Thanks to our practical knowledge, we can say that Estrela Bet is a great place to play Aviator.

Questions and Answers

Does Estrela Bet have an Aviator game?

EstrelaBet added the game Aviator to their website at the end of 2022.

Why should I play Aviator at Estrela Bet?

Because it is safe and legal, you do not have to worry about the safety of your funds. It is impossible to hack the game developed by Spribe or manipulate its payout.

Is there a Predictor Aviator Estrela Bet?

No. Don’t try to look for a prediction app – no software can predict the outcome of a game. Better read the winning strategies on our website to win.

Kalyan Sawhney/ author of the article

Journalist and gambling expert with 15 years of experience. Worked in 3 casinos: croupier, administrator and SMM-manager. Currently writing for the website aviator-games.org. Kalyan Sawhney is an avid player of the popular game Aviator. He is also fond of betting on sports and cryptocurrency.

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